Humbling Ourselves At The Feet Of Jesus

Wherever we go, whatever we do, Jesus is with us! Sometimes we forget to see His “feet” in every situation. This book is a simple reminder that through the trials we face, through the hardships and frustrations, and through our triumphant moments, the feet of Jesus are right beside you and me. He is bigger than any problem, situation, or circumstance. This book will inspire you to either connect, reconnect, or stay connected to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  #2310-1                                                             CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS FOR THIS BOOK! 

Author: Minister Berea Thomas

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Smile Real Big

This book is a short synopsis on various parts of her life. It encourages you to smile real big no matter what.

Author: D.D. Linda Millsaps-Jones

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Acronyms Of Life

This book is a compilations of acronyms that are creatively fun with messages of hope!

Author: D.D. Linda Millsaps-Jones

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Running With Tears

This book is about triumphing over evil!  Her true story about God is remarkable! From getting kicked out of the home she shared with her husband and kids to ending up in the mental ward for no reason, and losing everything including her children, God showed up and restored what was taken from her!

Author: Julie Busby

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Man Made by Grace

Man Made by Grace is a play on the concept of how to become a man of God and the grace that God has given to man.

Acknowledging Christ in 1993 was a decision that at the time I believed that I did on my own, for myself, but nothing could have been farther from the truth. It is and was the awesome love of God that drew me into awareness of the need, but it was the foundation of love that prepared me for his grace.

We often say that God does not need me, and we tell our children that it is their freedom to choose what they believe. It is in those traps of low self-worth, independency, and freedom of choice that Satan is gaining leverage. God has spoken to me with many plans to break the bondages of the adversary, and in this audiobook we take the journey of revealing the truths of interdependency and brotherhood strengths needed to nurture and develop the attributes of the God-centered man. Each one teach one…we need each other…”Iron Sharpeneth Iron”!

Author: Pastor Willie White

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Breaking the Cycle

“Breaking the Cycle” is a bold statement to a lost generation that lends to the strength of the phrase “Train up a Child”! With our young people being bombarded by images of violence and sex on a daily basis, this workbook is designed to help them develop the type of Biblical Foundation that will stand the test of time. When you Build on the Foundation of God’s Word, not compromising to win popularity, the results in that person’s life can only be describe as Power. Breaking the grip of sin requires the Power of God, and only God can Break this Cycle of Sin we’re in! This tool can be used by all ages and prayerfully will thrust you into a solid fundamental grasp of the need to be Fruitful in Your Walk!

Author: Pastor Willie White

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Pregnant with Words

“Pregnant with Words” is a captivating mix of compelling word-craft and evocative photography, intertwined throughout its 81 pages with colorful graphics. All these elements combine to form a compact collection of poetry that is visually and emotionally moving. This poetic account of life is at times fierce, vivid and haunting but always hopeful and determined. A compelling and heartfelt book of poetry for the soul.

Author: Simone Copeland

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Live Free It’s Worth It

LIVE FREE is a book that will guide you on the turbulent roads of life and help you to obtain your goals and enjoy every day of your journey. Many of us find ourselves caught up in undesirable cycles, plagued with mental and emotional pains without relief. Through personal experience and much seeking, Angela has written this book to share insight that has helped her personally, to breakthrough and LIVE FREE. After reading this book, you will discover hidden things that may have been hindering your growth. Ladies, you will be inspired to be present and to LIVE FREE. Free from fear Free from the stresses of life Free from depression Free from people’s approval Free to be imperfect Free to fail Free to be happy Free to enjoy every season of your life Not only will you receive insight, but your family will be blessed. They are worth it… and you are worth it!

Author: Angela Shannon

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Humbling ourselves at the feet of Jesus.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 10, 2023

Personally I was really impressed with the honest, and submission it took in writing this book. Most importantly the Author Berea Thomas willingness to share with others in order to Bless someone else. I found it to be Biblical, and inspiring.

Patricia W.